Charlotte, North Carolina

Lowe's is a racist place to work and shop and if you don't care for racism especially where you spend your money, you should not shop there. Racism is ramped and encouraged and nothing is done about it because you spend your money there.

I work there and I definitely know. I won't be specific but you have been there and you have seen it. You don't have to look very far.

Just go in, be non-white and ask a few questions, especially to management and see how they treat you. I am saying this because it is true and I am sure that many of you have experienced this also.

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I'm sure you're a Colin kaepernick supporter as well.


I work for Lowes.

Simple as this



And what is ujp with the store name lowes it sounds like i got take load *** or something like that. At least home depot is nice sound lowes lowes.

I guess the *** *** CEO of lowes is so busy with making money he doesnt give *** about his employee or racist comments people have to get.

OHhhhhhh wait all CEO's are like that, that the world we live in capitalism if not early it late. i have waste my fuckign time type this *** *** lowes.


The only racist I have ever seen in Lowes are the minority customers. Every trip I have ever taken to any lowes I have witnessed a black either verbally abusing a lowes associate or treating them like they are their personal slaves.

The blacks will insult and degrade the associates until they are in tears. I have seen blacks stand over a white loader and call him a "cracker" and tell him to "hurry up white boy". I have seen blacks make a flooring associate load up 20+ cases of tile onto a cart while the black tells his female friend "bout time the white folk worked for us." Then the black "changed his mind" and made the associate load another 20+ case of a different tile onto another cart. This happened 4 times before the associate finally walked away.

The black then complained to a manager and said "your whitey flooring guy refused to help me." I have had black associates that work at lowes totally ignore me even when I asked where I could find an item. I even had one black cashier let 2 other black customers cut in front of me in line at checkout. When I was finally able to put my products on the counter for checkout she turned off her lane light and said it was time for her break and walked away. Had to get into another line to check out.

To prove a point I just called my local lowes and asked for a manager. I asked a simple question: "Can you explain to me why there are not more minorities working for your store?" The reply I received, after a long pause was, "Lowes is an equal opportunity employer but we do requires "all" (he emphasized all) of our perspective employees to submit to a drug test and background review." In my opinion the true racists are the blacks.

Whites are the victims of the some of the most hateful treatment by blacks. For the record, I am Hispanic from Peru.


Nope - never had a problem in Lowes at all - you are a ***


Yes ,my name is wendy from pa and my husband and I experienced this. The store was in monaca, pa.We walked in, asked if they could hold blinds and the manager said no.

No explanation no nothing!! Then I called to complain and learned that it's " mgmt discretion". Ok, so you tell ppl no based on their color?

Tired of the racist *** !! Guess I'll go to Home Depot!!!!


Just because it's "at the managers discretion" it's automatically racist?!! Do you know how ridiculous and uneducated that sounds??!!

People like you are what keeps racism alive today in this country!! You are ignorant!!


I'm glad I am not the only one. When I used to work there they rarely promoted people of color.

They would promote people of their own race first. I remember they hired a younger, less experienced, outsider of their color, as an ASM even though I applied first, and that outsider eventually called me a chinky looking mother