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Went to lowes in Lilburn, ga and ordered a matag washing machine- on the spin and rinse cycle it shook real bad. Shaking so bad it shook the whole laundry room.

Made lowes aware of this on the same day it was delivered and delivery guy came back out to see if it was leveled which he said it was. I was not going to put up with it shaking violently and went back to lowes to complain that something must be faulty with the machine. The sales person that sold me the washing machine the stated that I needed to get a repair person out to fix the machine. I told the sales person that that was not going to happen because I paid close to $600 and I was not going to get a brand new washing machine fixed.

I then ordered a whirlpool washing machine. The delivery people came to pick up the machine one evening when they delivered the whirlpool. Same issue was going on with the whirlpool shaking violently on spin cycle. I went back to lowes the next day to get the matag credited back to my account and to advise the sales person that I was having the same problem with the whirlpool washing machine.

The sales rep advised me that they could have someone to come out on Tuesday to check the level on the whirlpool. Well Monday came and I never did get a call that evening as to when someone could come on Tuesday so I figured since lowes did not care I will just have them to pick it up so I could get my money back for the washing machine, hoses and the extended warrant which I purchased. This past Saturday the sales rep advised they will be at my house after 2:00pm and then when I got the call from the delivery people they said between 11:00-1:00pm. Since I had something important to do I told lowes to schedule me for Sunday.

Never got a call from the delivery people on Saturday evening for the pickup. Lowes cancelled Saturday pickup but never rescheduled for Sunday. Then called lowes back and they stated they will be able to put me on the list for Sunday after 2:00pm.

Well kept on calling lowes and it was almost 8:00pm to be told I was taken off the list.!Hope they get it straighted out. Now speaking with supervisor David to get this matter resolved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Maytag Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Problem with pickup.

Lowes Pros: Going to the store.

Lowes Cons: Lack of response.

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You don't say whether you bought a top loader or a front loader. Either way the delivery people more than likely aren't trained enough to know there are shipping bolts in front loaders that need to be removed before the machine is used and in the case of a top loader there are shipping blocks in the base of the machine that need to be removed. If these are not removes the drum is tied to the machine causing it to shake.