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Sent in the payments 3 days before it was due, apparently it’s considered late if whenever they get around to opening the bill, it’s past the deadline.

Never using this card again and it makes me not want to shop at the Athens OHIO Lowe’s...

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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they have screwed up even an online payment I made - said I owe them twice as much - payment made 3 days prior to due date and I have confirmation number and cannot speak to anyone without going thru all the bs - synchrony bank is the worst - they will kill lowes business big mistake.


Your complaint is with the credit card company, not Lowe’s. Never mail a payment 3 days prior to the due date.

Better yet, never mail a bill payment. Online payments only.


I wouldn't count on the post office delivering a letter within a 3 day time period. I have heard of people getting letters months and even years after they were mailed.

I'd give it at least a week with the post office. There's a reason why people call it snail mail.


First of all your complaint it with the credit company that issued your card, not Lowes. Second, they don't look at the date you send the payment, it is when they receive it.

If you mailed your payments when you received the bill rather than waiting till just before the due dat you wouldn't have this problem. Normal mail delivery is within 3 business days, weekends don't count. As yours isn't the only piece of mail they receive it takes time to process all the payments they receive, so if they receive it late in the day it may not get processed that day. Most bills I receive recommend mailing payments at least 5 business days before the due date to avoid late payments.

There aren't many banks around that don't offer free on-line bill payments.

Take advantage of their free service and save the postage of sending a payment in the mail. When you get your bill, go on-line and set up your payment the business day before it is due and you will never have problems with late payments again.

to Anonymous #1603481

Or make payment at a lowes store. Every retail store with their own credit card accepts cash payment at their registers, and provides receipt proof of the day you made payment should there be a late fee dispute

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