Went into your store in indian head nc with my new dewalt drill, was going to return it as my wife got the wrong one and i was picking up products that were supposed to be waiting for me for a customer, Went into the store and waited for an hour and a 1/2, while your employees try to find the order, My wife waited at the front with the items, I went to get anchors coyeah anchors, came backup front to my wife in tears outside, comma you're a little *** *** security guard put his hands on her, stole the drill from her, she went back in the store and told the lil *** that she left receipt at home, and to ask me, he td her to just leave, i came up and approached him and told him what was up, He said he saw us take it off the counter, not what happened, went to the back to get a different drill, the one that I need ed Box was empty told your employee and gave it to him. I am putting it all over Facebook Google your Lowe's websites and anything else I could think of About how your employees harass customers and like to touch female customers.

I expect my *** back, as a matter of fact u can keep ur *** i want my money back and will never shop there again. U have the option to fix this situation, and i want that lil *** job.

Both the girl up front that knew what was going on then mysteriously forgot everything and the lil *** security guard. I am a veteran and this is how u treat us.

User's recommendation: Do not shop here, very nasty, male employees observers touching female customers, actually stole my drill I tried to return, never ready with orders.

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Hahahaha! A veteran with a wife no one would touch loser!

“She left the receipt at home”. You shoulda touched her


Your wife returning an item, if she had the receipt did not have to wait for you to pick up an order. Wasn’t your order already paid for?

If not , your wife needed to present the receipt and item to return.

It sounds like a scam! Returning an item and you picking up a purchase are not related!


Where was your receipt? If you truly were wronged, what did the police say after you called them? Why did your wife need to wait to return item?

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