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I'm a 30 year customer at Lowe's. Sent in a couple of the new rebates at the encouragement of the sales associate.

No rebate came, just an ambiguous letter that my rebate 'did not qualify' and to re-submit it. They had all my paperwork!! Stupid. I am switching to Menard's where the rebate procedure is SO much simpler.

And they actually give you the rebate, not the run-around... BTW the rebate was on anything purchased that day,. How could it not qualify??? I probably buy over $1000 from Lowe's in a year.

Maybe small change to them, but a lot to me. Lowe's new rebate program is in response to Menard's 11% rebate program, I'm sure. Lowe's b;ew that one big time.

Some lawyer should start a class action. Ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Rebate.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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After years of shopping at lowes I have have made my last purchase, the rebate is a scam. I will not support this company they are not honorable.


Same here, I was told when I purchased an LG Laundry suite and 2 pedastals I would receive a $300 gift card. I applied for my gift card online as advised and about 6 weeks later I got a piece of paper in the mail (that looked like it had been chewed on) stating my submission did not qualify and to resubmit my receipt by mail.

I did the resubmit only to see online the rabate status "does not qualify".I am not jumping through hoops for their rebate but I hope someone who cares sees this because I will NOT be purchasing my appliances from Lowes next year when I do my kitchen remodel. That $300 rebate that that "did not qualify" just cost them much more!


This is a scam, they try not to pay you. 'Your receipt is not clear'. The receipt is printed by Lowes and I sent the original!


I had problem with the paint $10 per gallon rebate. I had bought 7 gallons all exactly the same kind and brand.

Was due to get $70.00 rebate. Only received $50.

I have been going round and round with them. Not shopping at Lowes any longer


Same problem my rebate not qualify


Same problem so disappointed


Same experience, 100%. Very frustrated.


This all goes to show there can be problems with any rebate. Menards site is full of complaints about rebates.

There are a lot of places an error can occur. The submitter may make an error, the post office handles it on 2 ends of the process and the rebate center handles it s well.

With millions of rebates being submitted even a .0001% rate of the rebate not getting through will result in a few complaints. Just a fact of life, nothing is perfect.

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