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During the pandemic, Lowes has certainly retained the ability to TAKE customers' money the moment a purchase is made.....BUT...they have not applied the same level of time, attention or resources to ensuring that they GIVE customers the money they are owed via rebates.


(1) I purchased a John Deere Z355R mower on-line from Lowes for roughly $3,300 on May 31. (they were indeed able to take my money that very moment)

(2) Submitted for $300 rebate on-line on June 13.

Was informed rebate should arrive in 6-8 weeks.

Did not arrive.

(3) Called at 9 weeks and was told, "oh, you will have it by the end of August." Did not arrive.

(4) Today, September 4, I still don't have it. Called and they said "oh, it will be another two weeks." I pushed for more information and they said "well, we closed our first rebate center and had to open a new one."


They do not place company energy or priority on ensuring that their financial obligations to customer are met, but they certainly maintain the ability to take customers' money immediately at time of sale

User's recommendation: Do not count on getting rebates rom Lowes.

Location: Brownsburg, Indiana

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