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the lowe's home improvement store in whiteville nc has very poor customer service and a very unprofessional,unorganized, rude staff of employees.they refuse to validate items bought at their store even with the purchase receipt.they say that the receipt didn't exist.I even contacted the corporate office and lowes customer care.everyone please be very weary when purchasing from lowes,most definately the one in whiteville nc.they also have bogus contractors working for them that they send out to install and they lie and cheat which results in lowes paying them for installation and them charging me for installation too.THEY GET DOUBLE PAID!!!!!!!!!This is a rip off and they will never do work for me again and i will never purchase anything from them again,not even if they were the only store around.i would rather drive 500 miles to a store that had some employees with some respect for their customers and employees that had some sense.I am disgusted with this store.Home depot will definately be getting my business from now on.for those of you that shop lowes please be careful and good luck with being treated with any kind of respect and lets hope that you fair better with your purchases and receipts than i did!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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It makes a lot of difference whether you are a woman or a man. Lowes is a very discriminating corporation (against women).., I did a little test to see if it was just me or if this was true.

Its true.

I had a male friend of mine make a return the same time I did. I was behind him in line...he had no problems.. I had the exact transaction and circumstances..... they did not accept my return.

There was a woman in line when we first got there...her's was also not accepted. they're ***


You are a *** ***


You are mistaken...I have had several installs from that store and they never or their installers never got paid twice. Shopping 500 miles from there sounds good for you and them given the current attitude and climate. Good luck going forwat :upset


total bs

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