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After today, if there were any way to give negative stars to the Billings, Montana Lowe's store-- I would!! On June 30, I contacted the Appliance Department at Lowe's about purchasing a GE Washer and Drier set that were on sale. I spoke with a customer representative, who seemed to be quite knowledgeable. I decided to purchase both items for the sale price of $359 each; which was a total of $718. I then informed the customer representative that I would not be able to pick up the items until after the July 4th weekend in which he reassured me that there were several of these washer and driers in stock and he would mark one each as sold for me and be ready for pickup on July 12 when I told him I would be in. Please realize that I have to travel 120 miles one way to pick these items up. This afternoon (July 12), I arrived at the Billings Lowe's store for my pickup. I immediately went to the customer service desk to inform them that I was available for the pickup. They took my receipt and asked me to wait at the pickup doors, which I did. I waited for over 20 minutes until one of the cashiers asked me if I needed any help. I explained my circumstance and she immediately placed a call to Customer Service. I then waited another 15 minutes for one of the pickup workers to ask me if I needed any help. I again explained my circumstance. He then placed a call to the Appliance Department with NO answer. He then called an Assistant Manager to come and talk to me. The Assistant Manager reviewed my situation and informed me that the Appliance Department representative was given the order to retrieve my washer and drier, but could not be reached in the store. He then informed me that he would get the items himself. The assistant manager returned about 5 minutes later to inform me that the GE Washing Machine was there, but the Drier was not in stock and was en-route via truck. I asked about why my June 30 purchase had not been marked as SOLD, and he said that apparently the Appliance customer representative FAILED TO DO HIS JOB. I was then given the assurance that once the drier arrived (4-7 days later), Lowe's would be willing to deliver both items to my home 120 miles away. HOWEVER, the delivery scheduler was unwilling to release a truck sooner than July 23 because of other deliveries IN TOWN.

Needless to say, the best assurance I could get in regards to all of this is that I MIGHT get my items by July 23, but that was only contingent on the truck arriving in 4-7 days and IF the drier was even on the truck, AND then getting Lowe's to even deliver the items in a timely manner. Not much reassurance there!!

So I was stuck in Billings with no items that I had previously PAID for and little reassurance that I would ever get my items in a timely manner. I then decided to go across the street to the Home Depot. I explained to them what happened and this was their solution: They sold me a GE Washer and Drier set that was one step up from the Lowe's set that I bought but never received. They matched the Lowe's price. And they gave me a set of hoses and a plug-in for the drier. So I left Billings with a new GE Washer and Drier set, but from a different store that was willing and HONEST about selling me these two items.

I have never had an issue with Lowe's in the past, but this one here has left a terrible bitter taste in my mouth. I can only hope that since Lowe's lost a $718 sale today that the person who FAILED TO DO THEIR JOB no longer has one. That is about the only reassurance I can possibly take away from this experience. The one bright spot in all this was the willingness of the Assistant Manager to try and make things right. I have no qualms with him, and I would like to Thank him for his efforts.

But, I also want to thank Home Depot for stepping up and making things right!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Realistically, the Home Depot probably gave your product that was already sold to someone else that wasn't marked.

I have worked in both HD and Lowes in the appliance departments, and yes the event you explained happens far to often.

The biggest issue, without trying to sound like an excuse, is the actual appliance companies only let up keep so many in stock at a time, at any given point there may only be one or two of what ever appliance you are looking at.

Sometimes this number includes the display.

The appliance trucks from our vendors are shipped by weight as well, not inventory need. A battle I fought for 3 years. What ever gets the truck to the specified Pound limit, that all they send.

I'm glad you got what you needed, being so far from home, and yes poor communication across the board. but please just know, there is more alike at HD and Lowes then differences