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On 25 March 2020 I had a front door installed by Lowe’s. The store I used was located at 701 North Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO.

I can’t say enough about the in stalker named Chris. He went above and beyond putting in a front door in a crooked house. My house was built in 1949 and no longer plum or level. That’s why I hired someone to put the door in.

He did whatever it took to make this install as perfect as possible. The door is plum, level, sealed and visually perfect. Now I know the install time slotted for this job is probably not 7 hours but that’s what Chris did. He told my wife that what he cared about was that we were happy with our door and the job he did installing it.

The result was outstanding. Chris is a true craftsman and a credit to his profession. When Chris realized the wrong trim was ordered he got to the bottom of the mistake, corrected it to include an $11.00 refund. Chris said a new guy named Scott had probably make the error.

He went onto say Scott was a great guy and learning fast. It was an honest mistake and I appreciated the honesty in which it was handled.

Chis also mention that his boss named Jason has his stuff together, is great to work for and refreshing to work for a guy that knows what he is doing. The bottom line is that you have a crew down here worthy of cooperate recognition.

User's recommendation: See Jason, the job will get done right.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Their installers are on an outside contract...they don't technically work for Lowe's....

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