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After numerous emails and phone calls trying to obtain a receipt for a purchase over 1500.00 in 2006, I am getting nothing but the run around.

I am trying to determine if there was an extended warranty purchased with the appliance. It was a gift, and I do not have the receipt.

They asked for the same information so many times and then come back and say they need the very same information again. All I want is a copy of the receipt.

It shouldn't be that difficult. Lowe's should hire people who finish high school, in my opinion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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Oh No. I am going to contacat the records retention dept.

to see if I can get a copy of a receipt for May of '07.

I purchased a Genie garage door opener and they will not honor the lifetime warranty unless I provide a receipt.

The receipt has faded as it is 3 years old. If I can not get a copy, I am truly out of luck.


el tigre: you are rude, crude and socially unacceptable. Learn to spell also.


yes, just because you bought the toilet tissue at a particular store, does not mean that that particular store has to come to wipe off your ***. have some morals, some decency, some sence of responsibility.



Lowe's was provided with the exactdate of purchase, the date it cleared the bank, the amount of purchase and store number.. I got this information from the credit card company, so yeah um.. its the right date. All were things they asked for to research it.

If the law requires as you suggest retaining records (paper copy) for 5-7 years for instance, then this is well within the time frame and finding this info even in paper with this amount of information should NOT be too difficult. Moreover, CRS associates should know what the policy is about record retention, so customers will not be given false hope and or sent on wild goose chases. If Lowe's policy is to not keep records but for 3 years, then tell the CRS associates. It's not rocket science.

In defense of Tyrone.. the item was in fact purchased at Lowe's. Maybe you did not see my original post? Anyway, I'm still waiting for a response. I will report any GOOD things that happen with this.



if only it worked that way. you are assuming that the electronic records go back that far, often times retailers don't keep electronic records back that far because someone has decided that the cost of the disk space is too much and they still have the paper record as required by law (5-7 years usually). Secondly can you remember the date you bought something 4 years ago that you don't have the receipt for? you do realize that any date you give will most likely be wrong right? this of course means that the most likely search is in fact a hand search through stacks of paper +- a couple days of the guessed purchase date, so although no they are not searching through millions of receipts, hundreds or thousands is significantly likely.

Tyrone, this assumes that the item was in fact purchased at Lowes as you were told it was, memory is sketchy ... I have seen ppl insist vehemently that they purchased *KENMORE* (sears house brand) appliances at Lowes. I work at a box store (not lowes thankfully) to pay for my university education, I have had customers complain about something that I somehow sold them 2 years before I started there.

All this to say that it is not always as simple a task as tyrone and paula believe it is.


to ???: If the transaction is narrowed down to the date of purchase, the amount, the date the item cleared and the store location and number, it's just a matter of a few key strokes entered into a data base. They are not literally 'going thru millions of transactions' to find one line by line, page by page as they would in 1900.


I feel it is their responsibility to come up with the receipt, because they said that the could. :) In the year 2010, the request is possible.

You are right about expectations, never have'll always be disappointed.


Why is it their responsibility to come up with a receipt from 4 years ago. If the person who purchased the item can't keep track of a receipt don't expect a retailer to go thru millions of transactions to find one for you.