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Lowes was to pickup a defective refrigerator on Saturday and delivery the new one on Sunday. I guestioned this and was assured they do this all the time and it would not be an issue.

They picked up (Later than originally scheduled). We got a call that evening alerting us to be home between 12 and 4 for delivery of the replacement fridge.

NOT! At 4pm the next day I called the delivery company and was told it was not on the truck and I would have to take it up with Lowe's.

Though they could not get me the delivery because of their internal issues, they have been very outgoing to the issue and I was well taken care of at the local store.

Issue is resolved with the customer feeling like he won, but still had to give away food that thawed during the event.

User's recommendation: There are lots of places to shop and they will compete against each other. Dont be afraid to complain when things dont go as planned.

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey

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