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Update by user May 14, 2017

Hubby just returned from Lowes and Conrad the manager that walked away was waiting for him at the door. Jerry came home with 2 new shelves and the water filter.....Hopefully the 5 day ordeal is done.

Update by user May 14, 2017

Well as expected GJ Transport Solutions a independent delivery service arrived early but we were ready. They had the old one out of the house and new one installed in less than 30 minutes.

Thanks Jesus. But as soon as we started looking the water filter was missing and one of the door units was broken...OH MY GOD...so off to Lowes again to talk to Dwayne one of the managers/sales person to get these new issues resolved.

Update by user May 14, 2017

Husband went back to the Lowes store later in the day and the delivery service told them we refused the unit because it was "used". When in fact they told us the unit was damaged.

The ground plug prong had been cut off by someone. That is why it was not installed. The store did not have the refrigerator we had purchased and could not find another in the area. They kept trying to up sale another which would cost us additional $500 plus.

We finally settle on the same style French door but the color would not be the black we wanted. Something about a dark chrome, never heard of that. Hope it works. Not going to pay one more penny at this point.

Well today is Mothers day and all plans have been cancelled due to a call saying delivery will be today between 12:00 noon and 2:00 PM.

We will have everything ready for them by 11:00 AM because we were told if it wasn't ready even if they arrive early they will not wait the 20 minutes for us to get things ready and just leave saying they will be back later maybe. Will let you know what happens.

Original review posted by user May 13, 2017

Well what a ordeal dealing with Lowes in Pittsburg. Bought a refrigerator on Weds.

We needed it right away and to bring it home when we purchased it since ours had quit working completely (compressor) Got a great deal. But that was when all the good vibes stopped. The guys that loaded it slide the back of the frig. into the back of the truck and ripped a water line on the back but we didn't discover it till we got it home and got the water hooked up and water went every where.

Called Lowes and got a huge run around about how we had purchased an open box frig and that it was sold as is....really???? But your loaders are the ones that damaged it in the first place and the appliance didn't say AS IS and no one mentioned AS IS. The manager James we were talking to they don't have to inform us of that it's on the receipt. So I grab the receipt and guess what "there was no where on the receipt that said AS IS.

Then he changed his tune. He said he'd go check and see if they had another frig like it and would have it delivered the next day. Called back they did and when the delivery company arrived they told us that the power cord was damaged and they would have to return it. I thought that was strange because the manager we spoke with said he had personal inspected the frig.

and had tucked the power cord up in the unit. LAIR!!!!!! Lowes tried to reach the delivery company so they could return cause they were sure there was nothing wrong with the power cord. 4 hrs later they said they had not been able to contact them, so they would talk to them at 7:00am when they came to get today's deliveries.

So Jerry goes down to Lowes this morning at 6:30am so he can be there when the frig. arrives and find out what happened. What is the next step will be. After several conversations with numerous rude Managers.

Eugene, James and another one with no name tag. The truck at that point was over 3 hrs late. They were high pressuring Jerry to except another frig. of a different manufacturer that did not fit what we needed.

Tried to sell him another refrig. at additional cost to us. One for those *** managers actually walked away when Jerry asked for a game plan if the refrig. on the truck was actually damaged (which at 10:00 was determined that the power cord had been cut and couldn't be delivered ) the manager just turned and walked away without answering him.

By this time it was best for Jerry to leave or someone might get hurt, he was beyond pissed. So here we sit. Saturday morning with a defective frig. and hoping this will get resolved tomorrow because they said even if they could find a replacement frig.

it could not be delivered till tomorrow. Don't want to impact delivery's scheduled for today . So.....will see what happens tomorrow.

Have to cancel all plans we had for Mother's Day so we can be here for delivery since they will only give a 4 hr window for when they might get here. to be continued........

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: train thier managers and staff to handle and resolve issues in timely manner.

Lowes Pros: Managere danny and dwane.

Lowes Cons: Eugene, James, Loading staff, Conrad, Rudeness.

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Why the intense need to buy a fridge from Lowe's after all the trouble they gave you? You should have just cancelled the purchase and gone elsewhere. That Lowe's location obviously doesn't care much about customer service.