Lehighton, Pennsylvania

today we bought a battery for our tractor that the salesperson said would work, unforntunately when we got it home it did not even fit. when he went to return it with the receipt, (approximately 1/2 hour may have passed) he was told they would only give store credit since he paid by check!

this is ridiculous, the check was still there in the register, we had the receipt & the salesperson said it could be returned. Ready to scream!

why do i have to get store credit? not happy with Lowe's, we will not buy much there anymore !

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They could have given your check back to you as long as you wrote another check for the merchandise that was not returned. .


They gotta wait for the check to clear. This is standard practice.

Everyone does it. If you *gasp* read the receipt and return policy (crazy idea, I know,) it will say that you can get cash after a certain number of days has passed.

Not sure what that number is, but it says on the receipt. Again, don't say it's just Lowes that does that, because it's far from the truth.