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My husband went to Lowe's to purchase some closet doors and lights for a closet project. When he got to the register the closet doors he chose were more expensive and in the wrong spot.

He purchased on our debit card and a pre-paid card he got for Christmas. When he realized that the doors were more expensive than he had hoped he exchanged them. Needless to say Lowes charged our debit card 174 and some change and then apparently refunded the card back for that amount. Seven days passed before I checked to see if the money had been credited back which it had not.

Then a few days later a credit was made but by my bank statement it looked like they put the money in and then took it back out. Still not sure if they ripped us off or not. I have never been so unhappy with a business in my whole life. Not sure why they didn't just refund his money back instead of "putting it back on the card".

One thing is for sure they wasted no time taking the money out but expected us to wait to "supposedly get it put back in. I also just returned the lights which were on the same receipt hopefully that money goes back on our debit card or the prepaid gift card but not looking for either to happen. Needless to say I will go to HOME DEPOT from this moment forward.

LOWES is a complete and total rip off. Bullshit Facepalm Wtf

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $174.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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One thing is for sure the public are idiots and complain about stuff before they really know what they are talking about. Hmm. Another idiot?


Most store will make the refund in the same manner the purchase was paid for. Stores are charged when you use cards and they get that back when the purchase is refunded to the card.

The stores process the transactions in real time.

For some reason the banks always take longer to show a return than they do a purchase. Blame the banking system, not the store.


And either way you will get it back the same way you gave it too them.


One of life's lessons everyone should heed is "never, ever use a debit card or give anyone the means to take money out of your bank account." Very dangerous. If you cannot or will not pay cash, then use a credit card----much safer.