Cincinnati, Ohio

Purchased $1059 Electrolux dishwasher installed obn 6/29/11. Didn't clean dishes-terrible.

They sent out repairmen who blamed it on detergent-we were using Cascade cubes that came with it. Also said we needed to run water from faucet til it was steaming hot before starting dishwasher. Still wouldn't even rinse out coffee from cups. Lowe's kep reassuring us not to worry they would replace it if we weren' satisfied.

Had repairmen again-this time they consulted with Electrolux while here and they said it had been recalled for a defective part. Ordered part and replaced. Worked better for awhile but then back to same ole, same ole!!!! Decided not to worry til after Christmas as Lowe's totally aware of our problem.

So I called last week and they said, "don't worry, we'll take care of you." They referred us to Corporate Office who said, "we'll send a repairman out". I was furious by now and said we want to replace it with a different dishwasher. It doesn't clean! Found out that is impossible without three service calls.

I said that we've had 3 and they only have record of 1.

Only count it if a part was replaced-I hung up on him. $1059 shot!!!!!!!

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