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My dad and I went to lowes today,about 3:30. We wanted to buy 4 pallets of OSB"plywood"....Well the store manager said that we cld not,but more then 2 pallets....Well my dad went ahead and bought 2 stacks of OSB.....

ABOUT 5:30 WE went bck and i wanted to get 2 stacks of OSB too....Well they refuse again because my dad an I was there earlier,so one guy said to us go talk to the other manager,so we did....Manager came out an said no,I told him that my dad bought the other 2 but i was also wanted 2 buy 2 stacks of OSB,because i am buildin a 32 X 50 building,i need bout 130 sheet of osb....He refuse to sell,because i was with my dad earlier and he said that we didnt buy shingles from Lowes so there for he wld not sell us,none.........said if we wld buy our shingle from lowes then he wld sell us more osb...........also said we was not able to buy no more osb for at lease 1 or 2 dad said he was coming bck tomorrow because we needed more OSB......

AND MANAGER SAID NO,we cld not buy no more.........Our friend said that u bought 2 stack for his house earlier today an was nothing said........also manager said( he as where do u buy ur shingle from we said ABC,,then he said well go buy from them,,we said they dnt sell OSB,,,JUST ROOFING.......he also ask my dad how much money did he spend at Lowes....... after 30 min,he said he wld sell me 2 stacks of OSB,BUT no more for at lease a week or so........

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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This is the policy everywhere. Get with the times


That's Lowe's for you I spend average $80,000 a year the with my rental houses. I get treated like.

S%$t there .I started going to home depot great service . Winchester VA lowes


any store can refuse to sale anything to anyone...and any quanity. you should really look at the stores purchase and return states they have a right to refuse and limit quanties.

other people have to purchase also.

read the companies policy before you ***. they are not out there to lye to you.


There is a huge demand for OSB right now, if you haven't noticed it went from around $6.00 up to $14.00 a sheet in a few months. All the lumber yards are demanding more and everyone of them are still on backorder.

The stores that can get it, like lowes for example, are told from corporate not to sell more than 2 to 3 bunks at a time due to limited supply and to also be careful for other or local competitors to try to purchase with their own personal finances other than their buisness accounts. So in a few months when the big lumber mills play catch up and actually catch back up and the supply for plywood and osb are steady and strong the prices should wind down to around $6-$8 a sheet you should be able to go to home depot, menards, or lowes and purchase truck load quanities (15+ bunks) of osb and possibly get a discount.


Work at Lowe's ProServices. Can confirm.


I'm not sure Lowe's could legally refuse to sell one product without the other.


Lowes does not care how much you spent. But i worked at a lowes for 2.5 years and we always had loads of OSB in stock.

It was a hot seller. I would always load stacks upon stacks of OSB onto peoples trailers all the time. Its kind of weird for them to say no. Maybe being that it was on hold for someone.

I dont know. B