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i bought an apex neverkink hose from lowes last year, that has a lifetime warranty. when I brought it in to explain that the hose was leaking and that it was a manufacturer defect. the woman called the garden sales person. she came over looked at it and said that they dont sell that hose.then walked away.the c/s rep called the manager and he said dont exchange it.So they explained to me that she was sorry that there was nothing they could do. I walked over t get a new hose to compare it, then I had the c/s rep call the manager again to get him to come over to actually look at it. he still insisted it was a different hose? saying that the return is an apex and the new one is a neverlink. (I corrected him several times,(Neverkink) i showed him it was the same one.as the new one, but he still made it out as being different. then they suggested to try to return it to true value? or call the manufacturer? the refused to even try to look it up on there computer for the reciept or credit card number. I guess they dont practice their own return policies that were stated on the large sign on the wall right in front of them.

I told them that there customer service is lacking and pointed out the sign with their return/exchange policies. I will never shop at Lowe's in clermont florida again.

there is obviously a serious lack of customer service and brand knowledge.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I bought NeverKink 100 ft and the 50', at Lowes and both have kinked. They say they are not reponsible for backing up the lifetime guarantee, and to contact the manufacturer.

Evidently Lowes no longers honor warranties on their products. I am on a social media site for my neighborhood and the 13 neighborhoods surrounding ours, with Lowes less than a mile away,. I will be telling 13,000 people that this products is a sham, and Lowes doesn't back up their products.

Hope it was worth it Lowes and NeverKink. I am out $70.00 plus tax.


I had the same situation at the Lowe's in Vancouver, WA


Sound like you is a sissy. Just buy another hose


The lifetime warranty is through the manufacturer not the company that sold it. If it is within the 90 days or whatever that store's policy is then they should do it. Other than that you call Apex per their website.


We all will be getting more and more of this kind of treatment. Why?

Because the Minimum wage rate of $15 per hour has gone into full effect.

So you gotta hold your own and stand up for your right to full service. Don't let them cheat or shout you out of what you are entitled to.


i had the same problem from lowes, I have the card and the receipt, card states to return to the store where purchased, lowes still told me to contact the manufacture. obviously they dont honer the manufactures warranty.


With Flexon hose you cut both end and send it to their claim department and the send you a replacement hose.


Buy a Flexon hose


You have to contact Teknor Apex. The store is not the manufacturer.

Your complaint against Lowes is unreasonable. I just had a Neverkink hose replaced. Guess what, I called Teknor Apex to do get it done. I didn't even waste my time trying to bring it to a store.

I didn't even have a receipt. You people lying are pathetic.


Guess what ? They same thing to me in home depot I agree with u ..In every word y said.So somebody fix's problem.


Too bad this is not true. The hose was not from lowes it was from home depot.

You had no receipt and no information for us to look up your receipt.

So sick of the lies from people like you. Maybe you where wrong and owe the store an apology


who gives a S--- where it was sold. Big corps are killing America. They make it a pain in the *** to warranty their crap brought in from other countries.


I have a NeverKink hose and the warranty on the package says :RETURN TO STORE WHERE PURCHASED


FYI all neverkink hoses state nothing of the sort they have an address and instructions as follows please cut ends from hose and return to neverkink @then address follows based on distribution center nearest where that unit was sold no where do they state that you take them back to where it was purchased and further more the apex and neverkink are the same product sold under different names apex is a wal mart sold product and never kink is a lowes branded product


If the hose was purchased over a year ago, they are unable to look up the receipt ( anything over 3 months) they must contact the home office and have them search for the receipt.


If a manufacturer puts in writing a lifetime warranty, that states return to store where the original purchase was made.That also makes the store selling the product liable for the manufacturer warranty, for the time stated.(1 year,2 years,lifetime etc .. )If a manufacturer puts in writing a lifetime warranty, that states return to manufacturer, not to the store, then it\\\'s a manufacturer warranty. and the store is not liable for it.now thats not to say anything about what other store return policy\\\'s may apply.


Same exact problem. I have the Lowes sales slip.

I have the original package that states return to place of purchase. I've 'Never' had a return problem with Lowes until this hose issue. No lies here just facts.

I agree the NeverKink hose they stock now is slightly different, same price but with aluminum fittings instead of solid brass which to me is a downgrade. To me for $25 (likely $12 Lowes cost) they are jeopardizing loosing steady customers!


1st) I don't have the reciept,any longer 2nd) the manufacturer warranty that is printed on the packaging says to return it to the store that it was purchased.3rd) Lowe's return policy stated that if you dont have a reciept they will look it up in the computer, either by phone number or credit card number.(check out the lowes website for the return policy)


Warranties are offered through the manufacturer, not the store. Contact the manufacturer for a replacement.


1st. Why didn't you bring your receipt to show the hose was purchased there?

2nd. The lifetime warranty is not a Lowes warranty.

It is a manufacturer warranty. I am sure that if you read the warranty it will tell you how contact Apex to make a warranty claim.