Charlotte, North Carolina

the military id issued to me had no picture on it, I offered two different military id,s and a driving license with picture. You should either offer veterans a discount, or do away with it.

Do not advertise like you are going to give discounts, then come up with some silly reason as not having your picture - what is wrong with picture on driving license.s, shame on lowes.

This happened to me at lowes, franklin square in gastonia today June 8, 2010. The lady,s name is unknown to me, she opened a register to clear a line.

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Lowes also denied me in Spring Valley a girl Elissa was nasty when I explained I had my dd 214 and other picture I'd Nasty nastyj


i got a discount after beingninsulted...i uave amilitary retired id with a picture...theybdid not want to aceept. I will not there again

Home Depots ALWAYS takes the same id....


Lowe's denied me a military discount today even tho I showed my USMC discharge card, Marine Corps League current membership and even my old Liberty card. No photo, no discount.

Showed drivers license and they said no good.

Thanks Lowe's for hornoring my 8 years of serviceto my country before you were even born!! 1955-63-- SEMPER FI.

Too bad no important person from Lowe's will ever read these comments!!!


I served from 1966 to 1972. Today I went to Lowe's store #533 Hurst Texas.

When I asked for my Vet.

discount and offered my DD-214, they said sorry we won't except that, when they did in the past. Sad when they say thanks for serving our country, but not any more.


I was denied the military dicount at Lowes because even though L had my discharge but no photo. I served 8 years during the Korean war.

Thanks Lowes for supporting those who serve (what a joke you are to us Vets) date refused 15 Dec 11. There is another store in the same line that does not require A photo !


We went to Lowe's yesterday and were refused military discount because we have no military photo ID. But, even though my husband served 6 yrs, he was told by veteran affairs he is not able to get a photo military ID.

So, how do you like THAT one? He says, "I guess I am not MILITARY ENOUGH"!


went to lowes yesterday ,but was denied discount because no picture on my id card, going to home depot from now on. not the first time they refused me.


As long as you have a valid military id OR a Vertains Affairs Card showing your picture on it stating you are military we have no problem honering a discount for military. However you have to make sure you always ask because it is not an advertised discount. Unfortunitally there are people out there we try and take advantage of the military discount and are not military that's not right to the people who have served for our country.


lowes Policy seems clear to me

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. announced this week that it is expanding its support of the military by offering an all day, every day 10 percent discount to all military personnel who are active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their family members, with a valid, government-issued military ID card.


I am looking for a military id. I am not on active duty.

I have served in the Air Force. Can any one help??


Okay here is the deal..lowes offers a veterans discount 4 times a year..Vets day,memorial and labor day weekend as well as July 4th. Discharge papers for this discount are acceptable.

Lowes offers active miltary and retired (20 years in) a discount all year long. For this discount a photo ID is required.


Ran into a problem at Lowes today. No discount because of no military picture ID.

Had been able to us DD214 and Lifetime VFW ID in the past. Some states provide veterans with picture ID. Don't know about NC.

Had to turn in military ID when left service in 1968. ?????


there were several people in the lowes store in brookfield ct looking for military discount...they had dd214 with a picture license from state of ct and they refused them....i suggested they go to home depot down the block and they did...SCREW LOWES SCREW THEM ROYALLY....THEY SUCK....SHOP HOME DEPOT ALL YE VETS



Are you for real? Who are you accusing of fraud?

"Tasha said:, on 25-09-2010 22:50 "

"You are not a veteran. You are lying to get a discount and hoping to take away their discounts because your little scam did not work. Shame on you. They risk their lives and you disprespect them like this"


You are not a veteran. You are lying to get a discount and hoping to take away their discounts because your little scam did not work.

Shame on you. They risk their lives and you disprespect them like this.


The "secret" to having the "military ID" that has a picture is that it is not issued to all veterans. It is certainly issued to all active military personnel, so that is not the controversy.

Veterans who served in Korea and Viet Nam and did not apply for a service connected disability are only issued a dd214 upon discharge. These are men who served in a battlefield and survived unscathed. Veterans who served during the same period but never left the US or served in other areas that were not war zones could have a service connected disability and would have the "government issued ID". Also, anyone who served during the same time and were never in a war zone might have applied to utilize VA Hospitals for their care instead of private health care. That fact alone entitled them to "picture" ID cards, which allows them the discount, even though they have no service connected disability and never served in a "war" zone. Please don't tell me that the wording "war" is incorrect for Korea and Viet Nam, as I will agree.

The "discrimination" is only that some veterans that might be less deserving of the discount and those who served "under fire" will be denied. Recently, the VA will no longer let those "non-disability" Korean and Viet Nam veterans apply or in any way have access to VA Hospitals, although the Non-War Veterans are still permitted.

It is up to Lowes, Home Depot, or any other business to set their "standards" and there are those who think it is not appropriate to exclude the "non card" carrying veterans. I will shop where I feel I am treated fairly and you need not agree with my interpretation and that is your right.


Not for retirees only, nor for vets with VA medical benefits. There are thousands of us who served and have no picture ID.


It always amazes me when people feel they have been discriminated against because they did not receive a discount. I'm is that discrimination...

@Are you serious?

The issue of discrimination is clear, since a statement is made to offer a service...but even though the applicant meets the criteria, they are told no for various reasons...non of which Lowe's specifies clearly. I have processed with them, even talked to "headquarters." I was told one thing from headquarters, but that did not work when I went to our local store.

Some of our local Lowe's employees are very aware of the distortion of the policy, and the "discrimination" that takes place.

Some of them (in our store[don't tell anyone]) will take my DD214 and give me the discount.

I served back in the early '60s, but for whatever reason, I and numerous others were told (by our branch of service, AF and Navy) that we cannot be given a military ID. Go figure.


Lowes policy had been to give the discount to anyone who had served 180 days of active duty. When I got out after serving 4 years, the Air Force took my military ID card.

All I had to prove my service was my DD214 and my Geneva Conventions Card. Lowes always excepted the Geneva Conventions Card until this year. Now they want a photo ID, and they showed me a copy of the ID that they will accept.

As stated by several others, it's the VA Medical ID Card. Home Depot will still take the Geneva conventions card.