Oak Creek, Wisconsin

In regard to the disgusted door recipient at Lowe's, and their decision only to buy small items at the store. We here in Oak Creek Wi will never give our store another cent, including buying a bag of salt.

In 2009 we purchased 2 Larson storm doors at the Lowe's in Franklin Wi. A short time later, we noticed that the striker plate on the rear door was bent. After a month of hassling, the installer came back and said "What happened", and proceeded to bend it back into place. One week later it had bent again, and this time it broke. The front door which has the same gauge of striker as in the back is beginning to bend. This door is little used, (UPS drop-offs, etc), and the plate, I am sure, would go the same route if this door received continuous use. After I told the people at the store

that I thought the plate was too thin for the weight of the doors; they started the "˜BLAME' game. "Did someone try to break into your house??" , "Do you have these doors on windy sides of your house??" These are STORM doors aren't they???

My wife said "I guess the only solution is to have you take them off of our house." The doors are still under warranty, and the first payment hasn't been made.

The last time we were at ACE hardware I had the broken plate in my pocket. I showed it to the Friendly Hardware Man. He said "This was holding a door closed?" He showed me the aftermarket plates they stocked, and were at least twice as thick as those on the Larson doors.

It's getting cold here in Wisconsin, and the saga continues………..

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Going to Lowe's was your first mistake.


u get what u pay 4


Isn't it incredible how those strike plates Magically bend out of place. Incredible