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I wrote a detailed review of the Wagner Airless Sprayer and even went out of my way to thanked Lowes for the complete refund, but Lowes rejected the posting of my critical review. I thought it was well worded and written, and very clean.

It apears to me that The Lowes Company has more of a support position for its venders than I would have thought of a retailer.

I think I will be spending a lot more of my time at Home Depot from now on. I guress there is a reason that in my area there are ten times the customers in Home Depot than Lows at any one time.

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An FYI: Lowes doesn't curate their review section, a third party company handles that content. You make it sound like you thanked Lowes for the refund in the review, which is something it would be rejected for; the review is supposed to be of the product, not of your interactions with the retailer or the manufacturer.

And for the record, that same company handles Home Depot's review content as well.


I tried to submit a negative comment twice after revewing and rewritting to meet their guidelines. they still rejected it. do nto trust any comments on lowes and do not buy anythign of importance from them


Lowe's rejects reviews when there have been too many negative posts on any given product. They don't want their sales to suffer, after all!

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