Buffalo, New York

Lowes in Williamsville NY provided an inferior product (Masonite) rather than the Reliabilt door purchased. The difference being the warranty. Reliabilt comes with a full and inclusive warranty and Masonite comes with a minimal warranty and excludes glass coverage, excludes extreme weather, excludes coverage if not

Painted. The door was warped and did not meet the seal, so plenty of cold air blows in. Due to the poor customer service provided by Lowes leading up to the door installation, we new we were in for an argument to get this door fixed. Due to the warping, when the weather turned frigid one night, the warping put strain on the glass severely and the glass shatter cracked. Of course, Masonite denied coverage and Lowes was silent. Attempted to get regional manager involved, called the Lowes Customer Complaint 1 800 telephone, "Jessica" states all problems are handled at Store.

Lowes credit card charge back feature for issues with (goods and services) was actually even worse customer service than the Wiliamsville store. The GE Lowes credit card sent form letters denying there was a problem with good and services. 5 months have passed by with a warped and cracked door and GE Lowes credit card denies a problem with goods and services?

Lowes finally installs new door after Masonite and Williamsville NY store try to void the warranty since I attempted a charge back, saying, well you did not pay for door so you do not have a warranty.

New door leaks at bottom. Bottom seal seems to have a U shape. Seal is good at sides but not center.

Reliabilt product and Lowes Williamsville NY store provided poor service and poor products. Is there a Regional manager out there?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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We special ordered Reliabilt interior doors, we were told they were solid wood, NOT! Particle board and laminated.

Now the laminate is bubbling and delaminating. Would not recommend this product!


Particle board is a wood product as is the veneer surface, so yes, it is a solid wood door. It may not be solid oak, maple or whatever species of wood you purchased. This is very common as most people like the price of the veneer doors.


I purchased two Reliabilt Exterior Fiberglass prepainted French doors ... The first was replaced due to warpage and the paint on the second started peeling from the jamb and brick moulding in 3 on the...

It has been over 2 years and lowes can't get Reliabilt to honor the warranty.. This will be the fourth claim that Lowes has filed out...

Please never buy Reliabilt doors... 1700$ Each for ***..


I purchased a reliabilt fiberglass exterior door from Lowe's. With a month the hinges began to rust and within 4 months the door showed signs of rot and mildew.

I complained about the problem that there was no seal on the bottom and no priming on the bottom.

The representative said it was my fault and refused to correct the problem. If this is an exterior door quality then they are in the wrong business.


After 20 years of great service,our Anderson door is worn out.That being said we're out looking for a new entry door and came upon the Reliabilt doors at Lowes in Oak Park HTS MN.They appear to be ok,but i'm not a contractor.It was difficult to get someone to answer our questions at this location.We decided to get the info ourselves and check Reliabilt out

I'm glad we found this site.And you know what brand of door I will be purchasing in the near future

NOT A RELIABILT from Lowes !


Thank you so much for this review. I was just about to purchase a Reliabilt door from Lowes, but after reading two reviews about warping from these doors, I will purchase elsewhere. Thanks!!!


Ge Cares about what I dont know.


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sorry for your problem and since lowes quit caring for their people odds are your problem will not get the attention it deserves...


Reliabilt is usually average at best.