Hi, I called your 1-80*-643-**** number today to let cust. service rep know that one of the glass chandelier shades for Portfolio 9-light chandelier, model #34651, item # 0442228 exploded while removing it.

You couldn't tell it was broken until you handled it and it splintered all over the place. The CS rep put me on hold for a few minutes and told me that they wouldn't accept a request to replace the shade (of course, this was after my husband took 3 hours to hang) and to take it down, return it and get a new one! Are you kidding? This company makes these and should have replacement shades available for this problem -- at the very least, to be able to purchase one from the company -- so your hard work and light fixture is whole.

One lousy shade? Really? Why is there a manual included where on the front pages, it quotes: "questions, problems, missing parts? Before returning to your retailer, call our cust service dept" then?

-- if it isn't going to be possible to do??? No one wants to resurrect the box from their trash, disassemble and remove a chandelier, return it, and wait another couple of weeks for it to arrive at our local Lowes? We've been good customers for years and this is how this company (and by extension, Lowes) treats their customers?

All we want is a single replacement glass shade!!!! Sincerely, Unhappy long-time customer (kdisch2@***.com)

User's recommendation: Don't go to the manufacturer to help you -- found out this light is no longer made. Go directly to Lowes store and the problem was fixed right away. They opened up a box with a new chandelier in it and took off one of the shades and readily gave it to my husband. The helper from Lowes said the opened box of new chandelier (minus shade) would be sent back to the manufacturer. We are now satisfied with results. Much thanks to the excellent staff at Lowes!

Location: Turlock, California

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