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Grill Master brand propane grill bought at Lowes, no longer sold at Lowes, I believe the brand was bought by Charbroil Grills. I ordered replacement parts from the NEXGRILL parts store 5/26/15 the parts then were not in stock, 6/19/15 email received, parts on back order should receive in about 30 days,7/12/15 an other email received, the parts are still on back order should receive by 8/28/15 well I think by that time they really want you to go and buy a new grill, Lowes sold this product why not carry original replacement parts. I would take a guess that these replacement parts do not come from the GOOD OLD U.S.A. 

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: delivery of parts orderd.

Lowes Cons: Carrying original replacement parts.

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How can you expect any retail store to stock all the parts for every item they have ever sold? You have very unrealistic expectations.


Char-Broil grills are made in China. I own a Char-Broil from 2002, and it was made in Canada.

How old is your grill? I am not sure why you'd expect *LOWE'S*, a retailer, to carry anything other than universal parts, or parts for models that they currently stock. You'd go to an AUTO PARTS STORE for auto parts for an old model, right? My local Lowe's hasn't carried your brand for at least 2 years.

Get used to the fact that brand names have been sold to Chinese makers, and any sold brandname can and will be slapped on any product made in any Chinese factory. If you want something made in North America, Weber and Broil King are probably the you need to look at. As for parts, most of those are in the Music City Metals catalog, and Lowe's (and many other retailers, online and B&M) can order grill parts for you out of that catalog, IF the parts are still available. Lowe's, Home Depot, and Menard's are NOT your old local mom & pop hardware store that kept obsolete stuff around on shelves until someone might eventually want to buy it.

They are high-volume retailers who stock what is current and what fits a price range for their particular region or locale. Go to your small local store if you want personal service and a relationship.