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We mailed a letter on February 20, 2014 and have had no response. Rescue It is peeling off our decks.

We put it on less than 6 months ago and went by directions. Spent lots of money and time and now our decks are ruined. Have taken pictures and sent them with letter of complaint. We would appreciate a response to our letter.

Our deck looks horrible. Don't know what to do but we are completely dissatisfied.

We need someone to respond and advise us what we can do at this point. It will cost thousands of dollars to replace our decks.

We loved the product when we first put it on but it did not hold up.

Your guarantee leaves a bit to be desired. You need to back up your words.

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Your deck was sealed. User Error.

Do the right thing and have your obviously misplaced complaint removed.

BTW, Lowe's doesn't make rescue it. Olympic does.


Maybe you should read the can before you applied it to your deck, obviously your deck was pressure treated and that is why it didn't hold. :cry


a big fat d u m m y


your an ***