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Here's an example of a total breakdown between a Lowes customer and Lowes. Over the last 35 years, I've had many brands of sump pumps including Water Ace.

I currently have a Water Ace model R5PILT pedestal pump that has lasted almost 10 years. It is only now the automatic switch is begining to stick. This unit has a lifetime warranty and Water Ace is willing to send out a new switch. I have decided to update the style of switch from mechanical to electronic.

I can't understand why the person in Mt. Holly would continue to replace failing Water Ace sump pumps with Water Ace sump pumps especially after 2 had already failed. What's worse, Lowes continued to let him buy them. I would have offered him a different brand even if it cost Lowes a few extra dollars.

Common sense told them to stop using the Water Ace product and change. Who wants to keep replacing sump pumps when the basement is flooded.In the future, all things fail. Sometimes for no reason. It doesn't mean we have to keep using them and get pissed!

By the way, I have a submersible as a back up and the pedestal pump is the operating. I have a small gasoline generator to operate the pumps and a few other appliances when the power goes out. I learned ONCE, I need to prevent a flooded basement. There is only 1 basement that never floods and that's the one that never needs a sump pump and is located in the middle of the Sahara.If you are considering finishing a basement I highly recommend using a product like DriCore sub-floor.

It raises everything off the concrete using a plastic footed base with a particle board top. It comes in 2' squares and is tongue and groove.

You can float it of secure it to the concrete. There are other floor systems made of waterproof materials that do the same thing but they considerably more expensive.

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What are you ranting about? Warranty's are protection if the unit fails, their is no cross over.

It's at the manufactures expense, the manufacture covers it, not Lowes. The manufacture would not be happy with Lowes if they started saying hey this brand is junk use this one, matter of fact they would walk away from Lowes and other manufactures would hear about it and consider walking too...

The manufacture takes the hit, the give them a new unit. It's all on the manufacture not Lowes, hopefully you can comprehend this....