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woman at return desk was extremely rude,I purchased several items at another store and one of several were marked down due to a coupon,one mind you.there were others bought ,anyway I figured my time is valuable I"m a busy contractor. so I bought a new fan just to match the other ceiling fan in the house.

next there"s a production they said my card was bad. now it worked an hour before and two hours later at home depot, anyway as I"M walking out the door the same desk clerk approaches me and asks for my receipt i have never been so insulted, so I said are you accusing me of stealing, she said it"s her job. I then handed over a receipt which I just paid full price after just receiving half for my return, I said who pays for my time?

she acted confused, I said, I installed a ceiling fan I found it was defective I then remove it ,disassemble it and then have to return it and then have to deal with a very rude store return clerk, yea 3 hours of my life I won"t get back,guess what? it won"t happen again, I don"t think I"ll be shopping at lowes anytime soon.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Of course its her job to check your receipt. Just because you act like an *** doesn't make you special.

You can tell by the tone of your post that you feel like you don't have to play by anyones rules but your own.

If the 3 hours of you life are so important to you, why are you spending more time posting to web sites? :cry :cry :cry :cry


you should have kept walking after she said 'its here job' and asked her if its 'her job to accuse you of stealing' and if she is then she should just call the police.


WELL THAT'S AND UNEDUCATED POST IF I EVER SEEN ONE. All major retailers require the front end employees to check receipts of people they see walking out of the store with items not in bags and or people they did not see go thru a check out.

Where I work people all the time try to just walk out the entrance with items in plain sight that they did not pay for. The first step to preventing this is ASKING FOR A RECEIPT.