My husband and I were at the Columbus, IN store on May 15. We purchased some items at the Garden Center.

As we were in line to check out, an employee (badge said Asst. Manager) approached us with a hand-held device and offered to check us out since the line was lengthy. We agreed, and the gentleman rang up our items. He had quite a bit of difficulty doing so--it would seem to go through initially but no receipt was produced.

He tried several times using both my husband's and my debit card. After about four or five tries the purchase went through and a receipt was printed for the amount of $23.30. A couple of days later I was going over our online banking statement and saw that THREE deductions were made from our account by Lowe's for the $23.30. I contacted the Service Desk, and the associate went through the transactions for the 15th.

She only saw one transaction using our debit cards for the $23.30. That was all she had to go by, and I understand that. My husband went over to Lowe's with our receipt and a print-out of our bank statement that showed the charges to our account. Again the associate went through the receipts for the 15th but could only find one transaction.

I then contacted our bank, and the lady I spoke with found there were FOUR transactions for that amount. One was shown as being an error. We both could not understand how that would have happened (Lowe's showing only one transaction). I called the Columbus Lowe's back and spoke with the store manager.

He went through his info then asked if I could get the transaction numbers from the bank, which I did. I then called the manager back with that info. That was on the 18th. I hadn't yet heard anything so I called back today.

I've tried several times today (19th) and can't get through-even at the Customer Service Desk. I'm sure they're busy but....I tried even calling Corporate Customer Service but was on hold for 49 minutes. The bottom line is, there are three deductions on our bank account for the $23.30 purchase. Only ONE is legit.

Lowe's has $46.60 of our money due to a double charge excluding the true purchase. I sincerely hope Lowe's refunds our money quickly.

It goes without saying I'm very angry. I know mistakes happen, but now I feel like I'm just getting the run-around.

Ann Stevens

Location: Columbus, Indiana

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