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i'm a contractor i spend at least $1500 cash always weekly at lowe's.i tried to return a few items at lowe's. return policy sucks!

not even store credit *** you lowe's greedy *** mother f****r's. taking my business to home depot better return policy .greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy greedy m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m

Reason of review: return without a receipt .

Monetary Loss: $250.

Lowes Pros: I liked shooping.

Lowes Cons: Not geting refunded.

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Perhaps you should have given the receipt to mommy or daddy. It is not their fault you are a child and not able to take care of your stuff.


You must be an employee of lowes. Do you even do construction?

Do you have employees? Ever shop at Home Depot? How are lowes numbers doing compared to HD?

Not about being a kid ***, it's about convenience.

Sometimes receipts are misplaced.

A good vendor will help out. Obviously he wasn't trying to return 10 k worth of stuff.


"A good vendor will help out"

Uhmmmmmmmmmmmm great one, this is a box store not a vendor.

This isn't good old Bob back on County Rd nothing who's been sleeping with your wife for the past forever.

They don't care if how often you turn up telling the same old jokes that haven't been funny since 1983, how your family is or if you take it up the....

This is a store that has rules. Rules that must be followed if these people want to keep their jobs.

They have enough to deal with and don't need another snowflake who thinks they're special messing with the machine. Get over yourself and pin the receipt to your jacket the next time.

P.S. Only babies use the "you must work for (insert company) as a come back when they're irresponsibility has been exposed.

REAL MEN learn, admit to being wrong and move on. Guess that's why you're here complaining and not moving on.


Well an Up Tempo of a contractor trying to make a living, receipts may get lost occasionally. We are human after all and I have a lot of respect for every contractor who makes their living thru honest hard work.

But, some people are quick on the draw to judge and call people "child", perhaps you should try a high tempo hard working job before you judge! And last, if Lowes is getting $$$$ from a contractor who brings them business every week, the least they can do is cater to those who brings them the business.


This return policy is in place to keep our shrink numbers down and to prevent people who steal merchandise, to come back and return it. You could spend $15,000 daily, and no one is going to give a rats *** what you think about the return policy. Bottom line, keep your receipts and you will be a happy camper.


What an *** you work for the higher Lowes food chain don't you?


And you think Home Depot will be different? You need the receipt to prove what you paid for the product if indeed you did pay for the product.

Unfortunately all too many contractors that are in the store buying daily or weekly all too often feel they are entailed to a little more and slip a little extra in their truck as they are loading.

Keep your receipts handy till the job is done and all returns are made. These policies are in place to save the company money, which in turns helps keep your prices down.


Then if Lowes think people are stealing merchandise, then get some of your workers out there monitoring the pick ups, oh thats right Lowes os so cheap that want to over work their work force and not hire more people to supervise or monitor pick ups!!