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I am very displeased with your return policy you hold here in Las Cruces, NM. My Husband and I are doing major addition to our home and purchase several items cash at your store and tried to return some materials that we didn't use and was denied the return.

Though we weren't asking for cash I would of loved for the money to stay in the store because as I said we are doing major additions. But store credit wasn't even an option. This happen 5/31/17 and was told to call the number at the bottom of the receipt to ask why did so no response. I've used Lowes several times for any project.

That is quite often due to that I'm a stay a home mother with a lot of creativity. But in the end I am very disappointed I had to take my business else to Home Depot today on 06/01/2017 and purchased $ 3,721.37 CASH in material needed for the additions taking place. When I would of have rathered went to Lowes who I've always used and trusted. I'm reaching out to get this matter resolved if you would like to keep me as a faithful customer.

Thank You and have a great day. Monique Bencomo

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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i work at lowes and when it says valid recipit required it means you have done too many non recipit returns and it has blocked you out of our system to give you an instore credit without a recipit


You get declined after so many returns without a receipt. It's part of the security system.

Home Depot works the same way. I know this because I have worked at both.


Lowes has their MyLowes card which works like any other card for any other store. It's free and stores your receipts for you. If you use it (or save under your phone number) they will always be able to make the return.


Don't know what the Home Depot receipt has to do with anything. It looks like the Lowes receipt is for the return you tried to make.

Each line says valid receipt required for refund.

It appears you didn't have the receipt for the products you were trying to return. Bring the products back with your receipt if you want a refund.


was it past the return date limit---thats my bet since that info was left out


You leave out some important information in your complaint. Did you have a receipt?

If not, Lowes isn't the only store that won't accept returns without a receipt. Was the product special ordered for you? If the product isn't stocked in the store they don't have shelf space for it and don't want it back.

Read the order form if it was a special order. There's always a reason stores won't accept a return...why didn't you include their reason in the complaint.


I wonder why too