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Extremely poor customer service experience! The employees did not know where to direct me to find furnace filters?!

Really? The dept manager made a huge scene and made me wait at the cash register for over 20 min while 4 other employees watched on and noone could even find the product to do a proper price check. Very rude department manager made things worse and I left my purchase at the cash feeling pissed, angry, embarrassed and not listened to. This would have never happened at Home Depot and I will NEVER return to Lowe's for any reason in the future!

Horrible experience, collossal waste of time, want to forget it asap!

Training team should look at home depot for much needed customer service skills. Unbelievable.

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Would never happen at Home Depot? What a joker!


Whats the issue? They couldn't find something you yourself could not find?

Better hold these people accountable for being as stoopid as you right? EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT WHERE THEY WORK!

You do realize cashiers are not allowed to leave their registers right? That's why they stood around and just watched you make a scene over a price check on a cheap furnace filter.