We bought a $350 troybuilt lawnmower in 09/2013 with 2 year man warranty. Stopped working less than 1 year from purchase date.

My husband takes excellent care of his equipment and was only used for small residential city yard during summer months. Now, Lowe's cannot find evidence of purchase though I have my credit card purchase information incl name, date of purchase, and cc #. Ridiculous waste of money.

Last time I EVER purchase ANYTHING from Lowe's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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It is not the responsibility of a retailer to keep track of your receipts. If you purchase an item with a warranty simply staple the receipt in the front of the instruction book that has the warranty in it.

Of course too many consumers throw the instruction book away without even looking at it and wonder why their products don't work properly. Consumers need to quit blaming retailers for their own lack of responsible behavior.


This is an issue dealing, not with Lowes, but the warranty coverage. Because it's not incumbent on the retailer to provide proof of purchase, I don't think it's anything they should receive a negative review about.


Maybe next time you should keep track of your receipt....