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I have contracted with Lowes in Cincinnati, OH to remodel my first floor, including total kitchen remodel. At first the design group was very helpful.

Then I paid for my cabinents and they sat in my house for 5 months before the work started. The day my work was to start I was told the date would be 2 weeks later. Even after scheduling 2 months out. There has only been 1-2 men working in my home at a time.

I had to move out. They did not have work order for bathroom that I understood to be paid for. Lowes never paid for my granite so I lost what I picked out and had to spend time choosing again. The design person said "good news, lowes is picking up the extra granite cost, but you have to pay for the work in your bathroom" I already paid for everything.

At least that wad what she said as she collected the final payment of over 40k. I have not received any appliances and the workers couldn't find them, but I paid for them back in April/May. The product is nice, but the contractor and design person are trying to rob me blind for work that was to be included in the job. They won't even start your job until it is paid in full.

I have remodelled before.

This is an awful experience. Please don't use Lowes for your job.

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