Nevada, Missouri
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Went to lowes this morning to buy a dishwasher at 48th and North Oak Trwy, I stood in the back waiting for somebody, went to the front to ask for help and a woman by the name of Caree stated another person was back there very rudely, and that they had 2 of these dishwashers, I then proceeded to the plumbing section where I heard Caree telling this other employee that this guy said nobody was back here, my business has bought numerous appliances from lowes before without incident, but the rude actions of this employee has sent me to buy products from the Home Depot from now on out.

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#byefelicia clearly you have never worked retail. We don't stand around on the floor every second we are on the clock, must of us, like you most likely, have a multitude of job requirements and obligations to make sure get done every day.


I'm sure they hate to lose a customer who buys low margin *** like that lol!