Winchester, Kentucky

My name is Autumn Smith from Williamsurg, Ky. I am complaining today because first off I paid good money for a warranty on my Troy built riding mower that ovbiouvsly lowes doesn't stand behind.

I called them on May 8th to notify them about my mower... It was broken down and I needed someone to check my warranty and have it picked up and worked on. They didn't pick it up until May 13th.. I paid someone to do my lawn which Lowes complains in their warranty that they will have the yard work done while under warranty.

Right.. Well, they did even tempt to service my yard as said Under warranty..... They had my mower for 3 weeks. I called several times trying to find out what the update was they replied they were still waiting for the part which was 2 weeks of already having my mower.

I paid someone 2 times to mow my lawn which was $55.00 dollars each time and then on top of that they drop my mower off with out ringing the door bell. Leave the keys in it nice work guys. But anyways I start mowing and it goes out again after covering 50 ft of the lawn. I call them back the same day for them to tell me I have to WAIT..

For them to pick it up again.. Okay you guys come pick it up NOW or refund my *** money.. Meanwhile you can not wait and come now my grass.. Do you all understand I did buy a new riding mower to pay wait..

I paid this last guy to mow my lawn he never showed up.. I'm beyond pissed..

My yard looks awful and I know ppl and talking about me and its a good start on someone reputation which I'm sure you all like to keep yours, right. Do something now

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $165.

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I'm glad you live in TN... That is where you can stay, I have my receipt/warranty papers.

I did contact lowes first, they contacted you guys not me dumb*** they asked me if it was okay for them to contact service to pick this piece of junk up. I'm glad you know so much about me and can deteremine the up keeps that YOU claim I didn't keep up with *** thank God everyone has an opinion about knowing so much.... I most definitely give special credits to the ones that I have never met or never seen my lawn mower. Do me a favor and never quit your day job.

You'd make a great spokes person! Just saying....

I love my lawn thank heavens for john deere! The man that builds quality not quantity.


It is your decision to have a lawn, use a mower to cut your lawn, decide to purchase a mower, not save your warranty/receipt records, not maintain your equipment, not research authorized dealers you may service your mower at, not contact Lowes Service Center and file a claim for your extended warranty plan. I feel for those people you want to buy a car from!


1. Troy Bilt is now a part of MTD and is nowhere near as good as it used to be.

MTD makes cheap products at a cheap price and their corporate policies have thus affected a once good brand.

2. Your mistake was in buying a mower from a big box store. You should have just gone to a local John Deere dealer and bought a riding mower from him. Never pay for an extended warranty.

They are a waste of money(as you found out.) If the John Deere breaks the local dealer will come and either fix it or take it away and fix it at his shop quickly and efficiently. I cut 10 acres of grass and own three John Deere's of various sizes. As they say: "there's nothing like a Deere."

3. Put a sign on the TroyBilt machine, park in front yard and sell to some unsuspecting city-dweller.

Then go get yourself a Deere. Just make sure you don't buy one from Lowe's or any other big box if you think you will ever need service.


I can't honestly say they lost a loyal customer I hope $1509.00 was worth the wait..