Rochester, New York
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I had 2 windows installed by lowes and what turned out to be $99 for each window installed was @$350 each window and didnt use as much material as charged For 2 windows and install it cost me $1500.

Also the screen had a few holes and the contractor has to come back and repair/ change some things, it has been 2 wks and I have heard nothing from lowes or contractor. I reccomend not ever doing bussiness with LOWES!

RIP-OFF I also had the install person check out window job and they told me I coulnt have got the $99 install because I didot have enough windows put in.

It is right in my contract! Ripped off in Rochester

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Sorry for bringing this up from the dead, but I also tried to get the $99 window install and it came in a $300. As for retailer4life, what is not normal?

It's a rectangle...size doesn't matter, that's a separate purchase, and has nothing to do with the price of install. I guess the only way to get the $99 install is to have them remove a perfectly new vinyl window and replace it with the same one. If you're paying to get a window replaced, it's most likely old and not "standard" installation. Regardless of fine print, it's wrong to post $99 to get people in the door!

And come on...lowe's "specialist"...really? There's no such thing, that's why you work at lowes.


Hey, Shame on Lowes guy, I BET you wouldn't be that brave standing in my face saying that, girly man! Your Boyfriend would be holding ya back, wouldn't he? Also, I do not OWN a Lowes, pally wally, I simply work as a specialist in one, and if you did, you'd quit because you'd have to deal with idiots like you!!!


Well, retailer, you certainly don't represent many consumers! I, too, have been ripped off by Lowe's for the storm door installation scam.

I had to pay $35 to have the installer come to check my door, then $99 to install the door. It was done incorrectly. It is out of square. This *** is about as contractor savvy as the other miscreants at Lowes.

As for retailer4life, it's unusual that you own your Lowe's, and if we the customers are getting tiresome, why don't you just leave? You're useless.


YOU HAVE UNIQUE WINDOWS that's why you were charged more!! You people who come into my Lowe's really get tiresome!

99.999 percent of the time it's because YOu ALL have something different than normal or standard, and IF YOU ALL WOULD READ THE ENTIRE PRINT in the advertisements, you would know this!! At least be honest when you post your dumb complaints about the store, because you know as well as I and EVERYONE who reads this, you indeed have something going on that is different than the norm, admit it! And while we're at it, where's Mr.

"Lowes Knows" and his *** Lowes lawsuits one line retort for all these posts?? I'm sure if he tried, he could come up with at least another line or 2.