Rock Hill, South Carolina
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what is wrong with the employees ( or lack there of) in this lowes of rock hill. going in there used to be a good thing, there were helpful people who would wait on you, and treat you right, now going in there, not only can you NOT find anyone who works there, finding someone who KNOWS anything about anything is impossible. When I used to own my own business back in the 70's, the customer always came first, and that should hold up on this day and age, but not at rock hill lowes, that store has lost my business forever, Home Depot will get it.

Randall W. Frost, Jr.

Rock Hill, SC

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Ivoryton, Connecticut, United States #22680

Good luck finding help @ Home Depot. They are our BEST advertisement here @ Lowes!!!! We should pay Depot for all the PO'd customers from there that come to us!!

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