Rock Hill, South Carolina
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Recently I went into the lowes in rock hill, sc, and was standing around in a particular department (will not say which one, because it might contain to the whole store) stood there for about 20 to 30 minutes, employees were going by, but noone stopped and asked if I needed any help. Then finally I got someone to wait on me, but their knowledge of that department was not very informatable.

I left in disgust. Went back a few days later, to another department, and to my surprise, the same person who waited on me days before, was there, again did not know too much of what I was trying to buy, so I gave up, (and give up) on lowes, and went to another store.

Lowes needs to get their people together, or customers will and can go elsewhere.

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Really WTF. Lowes Sucks Rock Hill S.C


I have been waiting close to 30 min. For something that was prepaid pick up later.

This is ridiculously absurd. They are walking around like no one has anything to do.

This Is at Lowe's on Dave Lyle blvd. Home depot I ain't gonna betray you no more aggh.


WTF... Did you bother to look at their nametage...

Its one of the few retail places that tell you where that person's expertise in the store is. Mere common sense would tell you not to stop some goofy looking kid that has lumber on their nametag, for specific electrical questions.

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