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During the past eight years that I have lived in this community, I rarely if ever shop at Lowe's Home Improvement because of the poor customer service I receive. However, like many others in this area, I use it in pinch if I have a general purpose D.I.Y. home need that doesn't require actual knowledge from an associate or a special order. The recent incident which I'm about to relate really is the nadir of the sum total of my experiences at Lowe's.

Last Sunday night I stopped in to purchase several gallons of paint and had no less than four sales associates pass me by and ignore me when I tried to get their attention. After finally getting one associate's attention I was made to wait an additional ten minutes before I was able to get someone from the department to help me. She was an older lady, about sixty, and she was actually knowledgeable, if rude and abrupt. As I was about to leave she made several intrusive, inappropriate and cruel comments about my severe acne condition.

If this arrogant sales associate had been a Gen X-er, youth and relative inexperience might have been invoked as a (pathetic and flimsy) excuse - but she was of a much older generation (a Baby Boomer) that SHOULD have known better and, in fact, DOES know better.

I am a very patient man, but this is the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Congratulations Lowe's, you have finally alienated me. I will NEVER shop at any of you locations ever again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Cons: Customer service.

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You don't say exactly what the lady said. Apparently, your acne or skin condition was in full display and, like the dopey people who wear rings in their nose, men wearing ear rings, etc.

it is rather hard to miss. Some people feel the need to comment on what they see---I always ask the guy with ear rings if he knows something is growing on his ears for example. However, you seem far too sensitive about your skin condition.

It is what it is, however. Get over it.


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