Fultondale, Alabama
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Where should i start...

On February 15th 2016 in the rain i came out to purchase slats for my bed @ your Fultondale store... When into the lumber department look to see if you carried the wood needed i said excuse me several time to the young bow legged man who look like Caesar from planet of the apes and he looked me up and down and turn his back to me...

hmmm!!! really? so again i said excuse me he ignored so i walked away thinking maybe the sound of the forklift was making him unable to hear me... So again i asked and move in closer the three men a young man with dark hair and glasses, Caesar and an older man look toward me and the older man stated he will be right with me...

hmmm ok i walked away to the where the wood was located waiting for twenty minutes ... then i here them laughing saying they going to lunch and I could wait... so finally I walked towards the desk and asked a young woman for the number of Corporate... Shockingly to no surprise she was clueless and walk and asked the three clowns and told them what I needed...

and they said I needed to go to hardware to asked someone to cut the wood... i went to hardware and guess what you saw is not working and only some man named Paul truly knows if it works... i spoke to the Manager and he stated that he would speak to him... Thing is I've never felt like that ever in my life and I will not ever spend my hard earned money at Lowe's again because there again...

bad enough there are not many black faces there...

i prefer to drive cross town to Home Depot or hope Walmart has it... But me never again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Cons: Humility i was subjected to, Lousy service after the sale, His total lack of concern for my needs.

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