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Large Appliance saleswoman demanded her space after telling another customer she wouldn't help them without an item code because she had other customers demanding her time. When I became angry about a $2/ft refrigerator water line add-on, rather than trying to appease me, the customer, she whined saying it wasn't her fault and she wasn't being rude.

Mind, no one ever mentioned the word rude to her but she arrived at that conclusion on her own then denied it. She also informed us, after the purchase, delivery would not be the following day, as posted on every appliance but, within a few days following receipt of the refrigerator in the store, which would be three weeks or more. This occurred at the Beaver Ruin store in Atlanta and was for a supposedly in-stock item.

I told each Lowe employee I would write this review. None cared.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Inability to deliver as promoted AND poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $318.

Lowes Pros: Product.

Lowes Cons: Customer service received, Attitude or customer service, Price, Over-priced add-ons.

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Why do you feel you shouldn't pay for the water line? They have to pay the cost of materials and time to hook it up.

Customers like you that think retail employees need to bow to them and grant your every wish really ruin a day for a sales person. They are only following company policies. They don't own the store and have the authority to give things away. Quit being a PITA and you will be treated a lot better.

As far as next day delivery you will find it's rather hard to deliver something they don't have in stock. Stores do on occasion run out. Then you have to wait for more to come in. Once they are in delivery can be scheduled.

Sorry,she can't go in the back room and build you one.

Too bad everyone can't work a week in a retail store as part of their high school education. Bet people would understand it's not as simple as you seem to think.

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