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My son and I went to the Lowes store in Belle Vernon, PA. He wanted to return a drill set that he had purchased

(approximately $399.00 + tax and a two year warranty. It wasn't exactly what he wanted and he asked for a refund of his money. The cashier/customer service personnel asked him what was the problem and he explained it to her. She then called her supervisor. She told my son that he had to have a better excuse for returning the drill set than the explanation he gave her. She reluctantly then said he could get his money back . The clerk who had waited on him counted out his money and practically threw it at him. It turned out that he did not get the money back that he had paid for the warranty. Had she counted the money back to him in a civilized way, I would not have had to make a trip back to Lowes to get the remaining amount of money returned.

My major complaint is that any money should be counted back to the customer. This is simply good business etiquette. It might take at least 30 seconds to do this, but the extra time would be worth it.

My second complaint is the personnel you hire. These girls are bored and are boring. They are not concerned with good business practices. I will not go back to the Belle Vernon Lowes store in the near future. I will go to the Uniontown, PA store because the clerks are more pleasant and they don't give the customers a hard time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Instruct you employees to count back the money whether at check out or for refunds.

Lowes Cons: Personnel working there.

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Why did he buy it if it wasn't what he wanted? Sounds like he bought it, used it for the project he was working on and returned it when he was done.

Retail stores shouldn't be used as a rental shop. You just drive up the cost of goods for everyone.


Another corporate cronie trying to make excuses for poor customer service ??? You're ridiculous to try to blame the Lowe's customer for having issues in their store!

Have you never bought anything that turned out to he not what you were needing or wanting or expecting ? The ONLY mistake I think the original poster made was to say they would still patronize any Lowe's store at all. There are by far way more places to buy drills or any of the items Lowe's somewhat stocks and you leave happy, not feeling like you have to go to pissed consumer to vent !!!

( no offense pissed consumer, glad you are here so we can advise each other on what corporations to avoid) And I'm here to tell EVERYONE to avoid the type of horrible experience i had at Lowes and that so many others are experiencing to avoid Lowe's at all costs , there is a high probability you will have the same wretched experience we had ! You sir are as ridiculous as Lowe's !


Sure there are plenty of other store to buy drills. They don't want you bringing them back after you have used them either. Do your research before you go out and spend $400 on tools.


I just spent 39.99 on an AWESOME drill with ALL sorts of attachments and a carrying bag at Home Depot. I LOVE my new drill and couldn't be happier with it.

My dad who lived to be 89 bought ALL of his tools, mowers and appliances at Sears. He was a huge fan of craftsman. I still have some of his tools and an air compressor that he bought from them some 40 years ago.

So YES there are a multitude of places to by items that Lowe's sells and you don't have to put up with their rudeness.

And do you honestly think anyone would buy a product, use it, then return it ( soooo unethical ) and then go on a public forum to complain about it ???? Nooooo way pal !!! "Anonymous" you sir are a dummy !

A little logic and common sense goes a long way !!! I'm gonna tell Lowe's they need to keep the money they are paying you to defend their rudeness and hire me to train their employees !