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The female at the self checkout was so unbelievably rude, I left the store not sure I ever wanted to shop at Lowe's again. I picked up 2 items and proceeded to the self checkout.

After scanning them they were more expensive than I wanted to pay. (The price under them on the shelves was $11.?? but they scanned at $23.99) I tried to remove them from the order by following the voice instructions which said to scan the item to remove. I removed both items (my mistake) from the bag.

Well the voice said "item removed from bag". The female started yelling at me to "put it back in the bag. She did not get up, she just sat there yelling at me. I took a step toward her to ask for help, she got up and came over (I'm sure she rolled her eyes).

She never asked how she could help, just said again to put them back in the bag. I told her I no longer wanted them and why.

She said someone probably put them in the wrong place. (ok, I know that happens.) I started to ask her what she wanted me to do with them and she interrupted me and said "I heard you, you can go now." The sad thing is the gentleman in the tile section and the woman at customer service were very nice and both helped me, but what I will remember is the rudeness from her at the end..

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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you were probably the 20th person that day that couldn't follow the on-screen directions. I'd be pretty rude too. And probably the 100th person that tried to price switch an item.