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Rude managerVery unprofessional I think he is prejudiced and I felt threatened I had to come home and have take my anxiety medicine thank you

User's recommendation: Stay away from Hampton Cove Lowe’s especially manager called Alex very rude unprofessional and very prejudiced.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: 6584 Us Highway 431 South, Huntsville, AL 35763

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You sound too tender to be out in public.... LOL you had to take your anxiety meds over a simple business dealing.

You sound like an entitled PITA that was probably told no and took it as the end of the world. Stay home and do not reproduce....


Raised by wolves were we?


Exactly How is that manager rude, prejudiced & unprofessional? There are No details as to How that manager is rude, prejudiced & unprofessional. No-one is a mind reader, original poster, so please provide details as to How the manager is rude, prejudiced & unprofessional.

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