Benton, Pennsylvania
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Had a few dealings with Lowes in Buckhorn PA and I have to say that some of their employees need a lesson on customer service.

I needed an appliance delivered and had to speak with a manager, at least she said she was "one of the managers" This woman cut me off as I was trying to speak,then while I was trying to explain something to her she cut me off again and transferred me to someone else.

While I'm here I might as well mention the job they did on carpet laying. I had carpet delivered and installed by Lowes. It's a year later and now it's buckled. I was told by Home Depot that they didn't pull it tight enough. Of course now it's too late to have something done about it

Don't waste your time at this store!

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lazy employees at Lowes


Heartless, you were in Buckhorn Pa.? Your comment is listed as " from Green Bay, Wisconsin".

Two places at once? Not only are you a liar, you are a magician also.


Hey sugar hate to break it to you, but you were the one being rude. I remember you, and well you were being a total ***

to Heartless American Canyon, California, United States #590752

Where's your respect you piece of trash

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