Livingston, Texas
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I bought a new *** eater, when I opened the box it was clearly used! I took it back and the employees accused me of using the *** eater!

This is an insult since the box was taped together, and I only possessed the *** eater for a total of 20 minutes! I am disgusted and angry with Lowes and I WILL NOT go back there again! I would rather drive a hundred miles out of my way then give them my money or business! Since my experience was so bad with them I insisted they take everything I purchased back instead of just the *** eater which I only wanted to exchange until I got there and was treated so poorly!

I will not allow this to happen again! Just so you know, that was the second time I had been to Lowes today (for other items) so they are not just losing a "one-time customer", they are losing a customer that went there at least once a week but I will be driving to Huntsville to Home Depot from now on!

Monetary Loss: $313.

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The correct terminology is string trimmer. Unless you purchased a We3deater the brand name.

The odds are good the original purchaser boxed it backed up and told them it was never used.

When this happens it goes right back on the shelf and sometimes even when used after it's cleaned up. I don't really care about your silly complaint, I was mostly annoyed by your incorrect referencing to string trimmers.