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While waiting in line for the only check out station (self serve at that) I noticed an employee waving towards another register he was about to open. I am hard of hearing and apparently I was not the customer that he had chosen to wait on.

Not realizing what was happening I made my way over to this second register. He rudely escorted another customer to be waited on before myself. I can understand his wanting to be fair and had I not been hearing impaired I might have understood what he was doing...this is no excuse for the treatment I received. When I asked for his name so that I might call Lowe's corporate complaint number he became upset and would only identify himself by his first name.

Had this "manager " been doing the job he was being paid to do this ssituation would have never developed. What kind of a retail business keeps only one (self serve) check out open? It was his poor judgement and management skills that allowed this less than satisfactory condition. There is a Home Depot in this same town (Derby Ct>) and although they are not perfect they are head and shoulders above Lowe's.

I knew this going in but there are only a couple items that I purchase at Lowe's because Home Depot does not carry them. Major purchases are made at Home Depot.

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We went to the Lowes store in Spokane Valley,WA. a few weeks ago and there was an employee that smelled like he was drunk at the carpet area desk and HE did not look very good so I told my husband that we should leave right now after I pointed out what I was seeing and he agreed and we left and went across the street to Home Depot and did our shopping there. So just watch out about those people in Lowes stores.