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After having several issues with customer service at Kokomo, IN store was directed to managers on two occasions to resolve my issue. The first time I was directed to an Assistant manager (Jim) when I mentioned I do a lot of business with the store he looked at me as if I was lying and wanted to look my name up in the computer after verifying that I did indeed shop there he did the best he could to resolve the issue but was still very rude in the process.

On a second occasion I had an issue with a return and this time was directed to the STORE MANAGER (Jeff) who was even more disrespectful and rude than the assistant manager I had dealt with previously. This is not acceptable in a customer service oriented business and I refuse to shop at this location.

My business will go to another Lowes store or Menards here in town. The worst part is when attempting to complain to Lowes corporate the people on the phone were just as rude!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #656090

Well now you are learning where the retail employees get it from, the people whom they were trained by. Also, if you have a legitimate complaint, then you should get great customer service, however, I have found being that I work in retail there are a lot of a.s.s.hole customers out there it's ridiculous.

Some think they are always right and i'm sorry but the customer is NOT always right. I have no idea why some customers think it's okay for them to yell or be rude to the employee yet not expect the same treatment back. We are all human beings, and I don't think employees should have to take *** all of the time from customers especially when it's not the associate's fault. Policies and pricing you should deal with the corporate who handles those things.

It is only our job to enforce the policies, we don't make them. Not saying this was your issue, but just that sometimes you need to understand why some employees are the way they are.

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