Bend, Oregon

Lowe's called and said my oven would be delivered the next day and they'd phone in the morning with the time. I cleared my schedule so I'd be home the next day. My husband disconnected the oven and pulled it out from the wall.

Everything was good to go!

However, the next morning I did not receive the promised call so I called Lowe's. I was basically told (although in a slightly politer fashion): "You're screwed lady. We don't have your friggin' oven." I spoke with someone in the appliance department and then a store manager and nobody would give me a reasonable answer to my questions: Why did you phone me to say my oven will be delivered when it wasn't even there? Where is my oven and when will I get it? Also, trying to get them to apologize for their mistake was like pulling teeth!!!

Well, this is the most important part of my tale because we all know humans are fallible and mistakes happen. But, I have evidence to suggest that this happens with Lowe's on a regular basis (that's probably why everyone I spoke to at Lowe's seemed so nonchalant about my issue). My husband told a co-worker about our oven delivery fail and the co-worker said: "That exact same thing happened to me! I bought a refrigerator at Lowe's. I emptied my old one and put it in the garage for pick-up. Lowe's called to deliver and then didn't show up. I called them and they said they didn't have my refrigerator!"

I want to know if others have had this same problem with Lowe's. Why do they do this?

I'd highly recommend not shopping at Lowe's and buying from "the local guy" but, unfortunately, the local guy costs more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Im having that same problem as we speak. They were supposed to deliver my washer and dryer between 9am and 12pm..

it is now 2:13 pm and i still have no washer and dryer.

And lets not forget, my washer and dryer were supposed to be here a week ago but when they came into the store someone sold my dryer to another customer. Beyond irritated at this point.


As the old saying goes "You get what you pay for." Pay a little more at the local store and you'll get a lot better service. You'll get delivery on their truck by their employees rather than a delivery service that delivers for multiple stores.