Baltimore, Maryland

I purchased a new washer, dryer and tray for washer at Lowes. I was told that they would be delivered and installed free of change.

I am a single woman. When it was delivered the delivery person said that he would not install the tray for the washing. I called the store (California, MD) and asked them when they could get someone out to install the tray. I was told that I was responsible for that ...

Of course, that had to be done before they could connect the washer ... The washer was now in the middle of my hall on second floor. I have to find a handyman who will install the tray so I can get the washer out of my hall.

Oh, and they delivered it on Sunday ... Thanks Lowes for not informing me what would be required and what you would NOT do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $909.

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