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I am having 300 sq feet tiled in my home. my living room and bathroom the tile for the living was 1.69 sq foot and bathroom was 1.49 sq ft .

After all there add on and charges it ended being 4200 that I charged on my Lowe’s card . I bought fixer upper house 3 years ago so doing little by little . Now after almost six weeks of paying for my tile there finally installing it but came last Friday was supposed to finish it up on Saturday. Didn’t see that happening because not even half the tile was laid .

Lowe’s give me a call on Friday saying that the installer wanted more money because there was more flooring to take up in 50 sq foot bathroom . I was shocked I had already payed 2000 dollars for instillation. all it was was peal and stick tile put over nasty ceramic tile . So when they pulled it up both came up at the same time .

I told Lowe’s I maxed out my card paying for this project and I didn’t have any money to pay them . She said she would talk to the installer and the lowes manager . She called back saying the lowest they could go to was 175 and wanted my card number to request a increase on the card to pay the installer more . The people came on Saturday the floor in the bathroom is not even started my living room isn’t even half done .

Now there coming this Wednesday I have been living in a messy house for almost 6 weeks . But I have learned living fl never expected anything to get done in a hurry . I never gave them my card number I called the installer asking why I was being charge more for a 50 sq foot bathroom when really only one layer was taken up on floor they never responded I haven’t gotten a call from Lowe’s about paying the extra so I am thinking there not going change for me . I think they came up with the extra charge to cover for there workers working on Saturday because they had to shuffle there schedule around because of the hurricane that we never got .

Plus there move like turtles I had already ripped the carpet up before they came so I wouldn’t be charged the $ 300 for that . Will

Never use them again for this kinda of service if you want to get ripe off go head and use them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Tile Installation.

Reason of review: Not done in a timely manner going on six week I have a floor done ..

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: Just stressed out six week is not acceptable Lowe’s got money on time why did I have to wait so long . People just don’t care 4200 dollars is a lot to me . Time is priceless .

Lowes Pros: Will never use them again for a remodel job.

Lowes Cons: Six weeks for installation not expectable.

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They botched our kitchen floor ; using two rolls to complete the job which were manufactured in differing "Lot" numbers and did not match as they should have.